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 Practice for the week of January 17th 2022

Monday school closed {NO PRACTICE)

Wednesday Boys 2009-2016 upper Gym 5:30-6:45pm (open practice)

Tuesday and Thursday Boys 2004-2007  upper gym  6:00-8:00pm

Mask is mandatory !

please check back for updates on school closing due to covid19 

Pysa Tryout 2021

pysa is looking for a goalkeeper born 2004-or younger financial help for the right candidate

Advance Training 2021

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Hugo Grajeda

Hugo Grajeda

Pro Youth Soccer Academy

Phone: 845-406-7254


To build a fundamentally-based club focusing on player skill development and creating a positive environment for players to compete and grow while becoming students of the game.

Building a Foundation for the Future

  • EVERY STEP IS A TOUCH: To build confidence in every touch
  • SAY NO TO KICK AND RUN: integrating or combining Possession as well as Direct play into our teaching

We do this through focuses on the improvement of both individual skills and small team group play, which is essential at the 6-12 age groups.

PYSA believes that the game of soccer is made up of a series of movements and plays linked together by a small number of players (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc.) in different parts of the field.  It’s these small group plays that bring out the beauty in the game of soccer!   We don't want to discourage team play but rather:

  • Focus on individual player skill development
  • Play small-sided games with less of a focus on winning and more of a focus on development


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