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Private group training

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Private group training

Why Choose PYSA?

Pro Youth Soccer Academy emphasizes on building individual skills and improving technique in all aspects of the beautiful game. Players will have the opportunity to improve without the pressure of winning.

Our approach is to work the elements of the game that are usually neglected when you prioritize winning, allowing for more hours of training correction in order to improve players on an individual basis.

Our philosophy at Pro Youth Soccer Academy was founded on the belief that building individual players allows teams to play soccer more effectively by modeling South American soccer methodologies used by some of the best professional teams and has created some of the best players in the world.

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Hugo Grajeda

Hugo Grajeda

Pro Youth Soccer Academy

Phone: 845-406-7254

Building a Foundation for the Future
  • EVERY STEP IS A TOUCH: To build confidence in every touch
  • SAY NO TO KICK AND RUN: integrating or combining Possession as well as Direct play into our teaching

We do this by focusing on the improvement of both individual skills and small team group play, which is essential for ages 6-12.

PYSA believes that the game of soccer is made up of a series of movements and plays linked together by a small number of players (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc.) in different parts of the field.  It’s these small group plays that bring out the beauty in the game of soccer!   We don't want to discourage team play but rather:

  • Focus on individual player skill development.
  • Playing small-sided games with less of a focus on winning and more of a focus on development.



We proud of these two boys now part of Arizona Barcelona academy

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